When Struggles Surface Over the Incoherent Beauty of Friendship

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At hundred memories flash through my mind making me smile, but suddenly a fog breaks through, and dark clouds block my vision as thunderstorms of tears pour down on my cheeks and I remember that things are different now…

“I miss you, not in a ‘lets hold hands and be together forever’ sort of way…Just plain and simple, I miss my best friend. I miss the fun times we had together and your presence in my life…”

You say things you never meant to say…I guess you were caught on a low point, and the words just slip out. Misunderstandings arise, conclusions are drawn up by those ‘affected’, incorrectly assuming things with a hand cupped around their mouths and hushed voices. You realize the pain of exaggeration for the first time after you tell something to a friend you thought that you could rely on, and they repeat an exaggerated version back to the person it concerned. Feelings are hurt, and you are left with your mascara running down your cheeks as you lie in your bed, under the sheets, clinging onto old photographs and crying your heart out.

Unfortunately, I know this feeling all too well. I am not perfect, so I’d say that for everyone this scenario is pretty relatable. At times I feel like my heart is breaking, but this is not severing with hatred, just a sense of a combination of loss and emptiness.
“Why is it always me??!” I scream to myself inwardly, before I come to the realization that without these misfortunes, I would probably never turn to God, my Lord and Savior.

Right now I am in 6th year at school – my final year, hence it is extremely busy and stressful! Important decisions have to be made within a matter of days, and lately…well lets just say that I haven’t been making God my top priority. -that is unless things go wrong, and then I turn straight to Him.
How lucky am I that we have such a caring and compassionate Lord and Savior? I tremble to imagine the scenario if God were to leave me on the sideline in my distress, like I do with him.
People of the world, I really need your help and prayers at the moment that despite how busy i may find myself, that I will always, from now on make God top priority.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by fellow Christian believers from around the world, and hope that you will also be blessed as you follow my own spiritual Christian journey through whatever path the Lord chooses to lead me.
~A Searching Heart ♥


25 thoughts on “When Struggles Surface Over the Incoherent Beauty of Friendship

  1. liron says:

    Absolutely love your post❤️❤️❤️
    I was thinking the other day of writing something for a friend who I don’t talk to anymore and this is exactly everything I wanted to say.
    I also feel like God is taking us through tough times at the moment so that we can learn what it is to look at him and nothing else which is exactly what your post is saying.
    Love it❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • onegirlonejourney998 says:

      Thank you so much Liron❤ it really means a lot! I feel so blessed to be connected to like-minded Christians from all around the world 😃 It’s so hard at times to comprehend why these things happen…but yes exactly like what you said, for everything there is a reason. -A reason of which we mightn’t know now, but soon in the future will realize!👌Xx

      Liked by 2 people

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